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Self Tan Mousse Shade:
Exfoliating Glove Color:

The Ultimate Bundle

Bundle up & save! 

This bundle includes: 
1x 2 in 1 Primer & Self Tan Remover
1x Self Tanning Mousse in the shade of choice 
1x Glowing Self Tan Drops 
1x Exfoliating Glove in color of choice 
1x Velvet Tanning Mitt 

2 in 1 Primer & Self Tan Remover

A lightweight cleansing mousse that removes stubborn self tan residue in just 5 minutes. This unique formula gently cleanses conditions and tones the skin, creating the perfect starting point for your next tan. Enriched with nourishing ingredients to leave your skin smooth and fresh.

• Removes stubborn residues of self tan
• Cleanses, nourishes and tones the skin
• Lightweight mousse formula
• Suitable for both face and body
• Vegan, paraben-free formula

For the full ingredient list check the product page of the individual 2 in 1 Primer & Self Tan Remover.

Self Tanning Mousse

Achieve a flawless, natural looking tan with our tinted self tanning mousse. A lightweight formula with colour guide technology to tailor make the perfect tan for your skin tone. Enriched with nourishing oils, skin-loving & natural ingredients for a dark tan that smooths & hydrates as you glow. This mousse can be used on its own or as a build up.

• No transfer, non-sticky formula
• No orange tones and streak free
• Lightweight mousse formula
• Easy to apply and fast drying
• Suitable for both face and body

For the full ingredient list check the product pages of the individual Self Tanning Mousse.


Exfoliate and shave 24 hours prior to self tan. Moisturise dry areas such as hands, feet, knees, ankles, and elbows prior to application.

Pump the mousse onto the Helioux Velvet Tanning Mitt and apply in sweeping motions. Leave hands and feet until last and only sweep lightly over.

Your tan will develop in 6-8 hours. Use a moisturizer or our light tanning mousse daily to prolong and maintain your tan.

Glowing Self Tan Drops

The Helioux Glowing Self Tan Drops are specially made to turn your moisturizer, serum, or oil into your own custom self-tanner. Ideal for face and décolleté to create a radiant, golden glow.

Everyone has a different skin tone, so the number of drops you'll want to use to see results will to the product and build color. We recommend mixing your desired number of drops with your face moisturizer and applying them to clean skin. The more drops you use, the deeper your tan will develop!

For the full ingredient list check the product page of the individual Glowing Self Tan Drops.


Exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to tanning. Apply the drops on a clean and dry face. Mix the number of drops wanted to your moisturizer, serum, or oil and apply evenly to face and décolletage.

Use 2-3 drops for a radiant result
Use 4-5 drops for a sun-kissed glow
Use 6-8 drops for a golden complexion
Use 10+ drops for a bronzed skin

For the body mix 2-6 drops per body part to your body cream or moisturizer, apply in circular motions using your hands or the Helioux Velvet Tanning Mitt.

Wash your hands after application.

Exfoliating Glove

The unique weave of the Helioux Exfoliating Glove works to effortlessly sweep away dead skin and impurities by deeply exfoliating the body. This natural skin care remedy aims to tackle dry skin, the removal of self tan, blackheads, stretch marks, and scarring.

The first layer is made of 100% vegetable fibers that are woven together using a unique technique. The gloves rely on the texture of the fabric to give you a deep exfoliation. Once activated by water, the fabric starts working its magic! 


Only 3 steps to glow:

1. Get in the shower or bath and soak your skin for 5-10 minutes.
2. Wet your glove, put it on, and scrub. No soap is needed!
3. Rinse off your body and glove with water. 

Velvet Tanning Mitt

Ensures an even, blemish-free complexion every time. The Helioux Velvet Self Tanning Mitt is specially designed with a water-resistant barrier on the inside to prevent palms staining. The double-sided soft-touch fabric can be used on both sides.

  • Velvety soft glove
  • Double-sided
  • Suitable for foams and lotions
  • Smooth, streak-free result
THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE Sale price$130.00

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