How to apply Helioux Self Tanning Drops

How to apply Helioux Self Tanning Drops

Helioux Self Tanning Drops are a fantastic option for those who want to achieve a natural-looking tan while using their favorite moisturizer. By following these tips, you can ensure that your tan looks great and lasts as long as possible. Remember to mix the drops evenly with your moisturizer, apply the mixture evenly to your skin, and wash your hands to avoid any streaks.
  1. Choose your moisturizer:
    The great thing about Helioux Self Tanning Drops is that they can be mixed with any moisturizer you like. This means you can use your favorite moisturizer and still achieve a natural-looking tan. It's best to use a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly, as this will ensure that the tanning drops are evenly distributed.

  2. Mix the drops:
    To use Helioux Self Tanning Drops, simply mix the desired number of drops with your moisturizer in the palm of your hand. The number of drops you use will depend on the level of tan you want to achieve. Start with a small number of drops and work your way up, as this will help you avoid any streaks or patches.

  3. Apply the mixture:
    Once you've mixed the drops with your moisturizer, apply the mixture evenly to your skin. Be sure to cover all areas, including your face, neck, and body. It's important to avoid getting the mixture in your hairline, eyebrows, or other areas where you don't want to tan.

  4. Wash your hands:
    After applying the mixture, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. This will help you avoid any streaks or patches on your hands. You can also use a tanning mitt to apply the mixture, as this will help you avoid getting it on your hands.

  5. Wait for the tan to develop:
    The development time for Helioux Self Tanning Drops will depend on the number of drops you used and your skin type. It's important to wait at least 4-6 hours before showering or washing the tan off. During this time, avoid sweating or getting wet, as this can affect the development of the tan.

  6. Maintain your tan:
    Once you've achieved your desired level of tan, it's important to maintain it by moisturizing regularly and avoiding any harsh products that might cause the tan to fade. It's also a good idea to reapply the drops every few days to ensure that your tan stays looking fresh.

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